About us

Know more about us, our team, how we work and our journey.

Our Story

Scollr was founded with an idea of building an internet-based platform where educators and learners could connect with each other,at ease.
Since its inception in 2013, Scollr has been used by more than 13 schools and the current reach has more than 200,000 + times usage by students and institution every month, more than 100,000 + assignment questions,70,000 + Mock Tests questions, potential to scalable to any learning environment.

Our Success
Why Scollr?

Why would you choose Scollr Over any other platform.

Less Investment

Pay as you go. Are you a 50 Student institute? Doesn't matter, You're welcome.

Easy Access

Our platform is accesible to that big laptop screen as well as on that pocket smartphone, and is touch friendly.

On-Premise Tests

We are on cloud technology, organize tests anywhere inside your premises.

Your Course Material

If you have your course material ready, and want to publish it to your students, we can do that.


Your faculty can mentor your students on the platform too.

Better Performance

Everything is so easy and seamless that it generates better performance at your institute.

Quick Stats & Facts

Many have been benefitted from us. Take a look.

Unlimited Courses
Infinite Exams
50K+ Assignments
100K + Questions
7000+ Students
10+ Schools Enrolled
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