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What is Scollr?

Scollr is a concept that is looking to revolutionise the learning system for a student. We want to make learning fun and something the learner looks forward to. Today, it’s just not books that a student learns from. Visuals and audio also play a huge role in a student’s learning journey. Also, today, it’s not about studying long hours, it’s about studying smarter and studying the right things.

Why us?

We tailor our programme according to the student, the teacher and the school’s needs. We understand that each student is an individual with differing needs. Student A maybe very good in Mathematics and may need little or no help, but may need help in Science, whereas student B may need help in Mathematics and not Science. And student C may need help in both. How do we cater to each of these requirements? School Connect Online is the answer.

Each student is provided with a separate login which is individualised to his/her requirements. When the student logs in to the system, the student has access to the videos and questions related to the problem areas. These videos and questions form part of what we refer to as the ‘learning journey’.

The customisation of the student’s learning journey can be defined both by the students and the teachers. In the case of classes 1-5, the parent can also customise what the student sees after they login.

Who are we catering to?

School Principal, Teachers, Parents & Students.

If you are a school principal who wants your students to excel in all subjects and want them to have access to multiple questions, not only exam questions, but also chapter-wise question, you need to get in touch with us.

If you’re a school teacher who also believes that video content can greatly help your students grasp concepts easily and faster, then get in touch with us. The advantage here, for you is that if a student understands a concept faster, you can move on to teaching other chapters faster and therefore cover more ground! Also, if you choose School Connect Online, you don’t need to spend hours thinking about questions while setting the exam paper, you can take them from our question bank.

If you’re a parent, this is the perfect ‘one stop shop’ for you. Say, your child is just not able to grasp a particular concept. You’ve tried explaining time and again, tuitions, but the child is finding it difficult. Also, you know that questions related to this concept will be asked in the exams. What do you do? Well, if you sign-up with us, you will need to look no further. We provide not only videos explaining the concept, but also multiple questions on the concept. It’s a well known fact that audio-visual content can help clarify concepts much faster than just written text. Also, the more a child practices, the more perfect he/she gets. So the more questions they attempt, the clearer the concept!

If you’re a student, and need help in a subject or multiple subjects, then you need to connect with School Connect Online. We provide you with everything you need to excel not only in your class, in your school, in your exams, but also in your board exams and national level exams. By being a part of the School Connect family, you have access to video content on all subjects, chapter-wise questions, exam style questions, achiever questions.

You may be someone who can concentrate better during the night, and would want someone to explain a concept that time. What do you do? You log-in to School Connect Online, watch the concept video, practice some questions, and there you are, you are all set for your exam/school/class!

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